Wardrobe Spark

Wardrobe Spark

Philosophy of Nature

from 175 345 ₽
Price in the Basic configuration
Basic configuration
Spark swing door wardrobe configuration

Swing two-leaved modular wardrobe. The facades are made by TSS Cleaf ecoplates (Italy).


  • columns;
  • cornice,
  • decorative sidewalls.


  • 2 Hettich drawers with a closer,
  • 1 rod.

Cabinet size: 2400×1200×600 mm.

*The price is not final. You can find out the exact cost of the project from the designer in the studios of your city. This advertisement is not an offering.

  • Front color Ashy travertine
    Style Loft
  • Front color Ashy travertine
    Style Loft
  • Front color Ashy travertine
    Style Loft
  • Front color Ashy travertine
    Style Loft

    • Facade material
      Chipboard facades stand out with a reasonable price and have many advantages. Chipboard by Austrian companies "Egger" and "Kronospan" is made of high-quality raw materials, and 90% consist of softwood trees. The material is E1 emission class, has no unpleasant odor and is absolutely harmless to human health. The variety of colors (monochrome, wood, stone, concrete, reminiscent of rusty iron) allows you to implement the most daring designs.
    • Coating
      TSS Cleaf
      TSS Cleaf
      Craft paper is a natural material from which is used to produce eco–friendly HPL-plastic for covering kitchen facades. Composite panels are formed from layers of cellulose and resin under high pressure.

    About model
    Stylish and memorable Spark reflects all the beauty and grandeur of wildlife. Natural textures and colors correspond to global trends in interior design. The use of Spark decors will create a harmonious space in the house emphasizing your good taste.
    More about the material

    The frames and facades of the wardrobe are made of unique eco-friendly TSS CLeaf plates (Italy). This is a modern material, very practical and reliable, visually and by sense of touch resembling natural stone.

    Current trends in interior design: facades imitating natural stone and plaster of various shades.

    Spark Colors

    Spark Vantages
    Unique coating texture
    Wardrobe facades with imitation stone and plaster of various shades and natural tones are fashion trends in interior design.
    Identical structure of edges and facades
    The facades are covered on four sides with an 1 mm ABS edge, which texture ideally matches facade coating, so that the facade is visually monolithic and super-resistant to external impact.
    The texture of natural stone with metal accessories is a trendy combination.
    Eco-friendly TSS CLeaf plates (Italy)
    The technology of production of TSS Cleaf plates is a know-how and allows you to make deep embossing using the technology of production of decorative paper-laminated plastics. This gives the final product such consumer properties as shock resistance, wear resistance and a pronounced surface structure.