Wardrobe Mix 22

Wardrobe Mix 22

The duo of design and functionality

from 224 407 ₽
Price in the Basic configuration
Basic configuration
Mix 22 sliding door wardrobe configuration

Built-in three-door sliding wardrobe:

  • Facades are made of "Egger" eco-chipboard and Stand profile;
  • Central door with a mirror;
  • Frame 16 mm.


  • 2 Hettich drawers with a closer;
  • A mesh for shoes;
  • 2 rods.

* The price is not final. You can find out the exact cost of the project from the designer in the studios of your city. This advertisement is not an offering.

  • Front color Concrete Chicago light grey
    Style Scandinavian
  • Front color Concrete Chicago light grey
    Style Scandinavian
  • Front color Concrete Chicago light grey
    Style Scandinavian
  • Front color Concrete Chicago light grey
    Style Scandinavian

    • Facade material
      Laminated chipboard
      Laminated chipboard
      It is an excellent solution for creating high-quality and attractive furniture. Chipboard facades open limitless possibilities for creating design ideas and corresponds to modern life needs.
      Medium density fibreboard (MDF) meets the tightest quality and safety standards. It provides many opportunities for almost any design ideas. MDF is easy to process, so it is possible to create original facades of various shapes: radius or straight, with panel molding or different milling. Such furniture is shock and moisture resistant. It perfectly carries the effects of steam and temperature changes. Among its important advantages is health safety, since the chips are glued with a natural substance formed when heated.
    • Coating
      A beautiful and high–quality kitchen in contemporary style is a dream of many housewives. Facades of cabinets made of chipboard covered with melamine film are the right solution for those who value aesthetics and practicality. This polymer material, glossy or matte, imitates wood veneer, and a variety of colors will satisfy the needs of any customer. You can apply a drawing or a photo to the coating. For lovers of unexpected contrasts we offer finishing cabinets with colored edges.

    About model
    This wardrobe model is a real mix of ideas and images. A wide range of decors and materials allows you to design an expressive composition, gives room for experimentation with color and mood. Wood decors of natural colors, shaded with a glossy sheen, allow you to create a modern interior, while satisfying the ever-increasing desire for closeness to nature. The Mix wardrobe is ideal for any modern and neoclassic model of "Maria" kitchen. The use of decors resembling concrete allows you to fit the wardrobe into the loft or industrial interior, minimalism or Scandinavian style.
    More about the material

    The facades are made of 1 mm thick aluminum frame with 10 mm thick chipboard inserts, painted glass, mirrors and photo-printed glasses. A wide choice of decoration: natural wood, bright glossy, matte, monochrome coatings and photo printing.

    Space for experimenting with color and mood. The facades are made using a "Stand" profile (several colors) and inserts into it: solid or wood, decorative mirrors or shades of bronze, silver, anthracite, photo-printed glass or painted in any color according to the RAL catalogue.

    Mix 22 Colors

    Mix 22 Vantages
    Quality control
    Components from market leaders of the world allow you to create a wardrobe with a guarantee of the best price for excellent quality of the product!
    All glass inserts and mirrors are protected by a special armour coating that protects your loved ones from shatters. Even in case of a strong impact mirror or glass will remain in the door frame and will not fall out!
    Decor combinations
    Inserts of facades of Mix wardrobes are represented by the most up-to-date shades: wood, stone and monochrome. They can be combined to your liking. Then the wardrobe will be not only trendy, but also unique!
    Hidden screws
    The shelves and the entire wardrobe are assembled on hidden screws, which are closed with plugs to match the color of the frame.
    The material is very strong due to multilayering, and its surface is resistant to external impact