Kitchen Teramo

Kitchen Teramo

Innovative solution

from 215 317 ₽
Price in the Basic configuration
from 21 651 ₽/month
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Basic configuration
Teramo configuration 2,4 m

The basic configuration of includes:

  • Moisture-resistant tabletop chipboard plastic;
  • Hinges with a closer;
  • Dryer;
  • Retractable Arcitech elements;
  • Plinth matching color of the countertop;
  • Frame with 1 mm ABS edging;
  • Base;
  • Handles.

*Attention! You can find out the exact cost of your kitchen when creating an individual design project at the "Maria" Kitchen Studio in your city. Furniture Factory "Maria" interacts with its customers only through a partner retail chain, so you can calculate the cost of the model and purchase our products in the suitable Kitchen Studio.

  • Facade material
    Medium density fibreboard (MDF) meets the tightest quality and safety standards. It provides many opportunities for almost any design ideas. MDF is easy to process, so it is possible to create original facades of various shapes: radius or straight, with panel molding or different milling. Such furniture is shock and moisture resistant. It perfectly carries the effects of steam and temperature changes. Among its important advantages is health safety, since the chips are glued with a natural substance formed when heated.
  • Coating
    Kitchens with a thermoplastic coating fit seamlessly into any interior. The material can be used for covering both straight and radius facades. Glossy and matte thermoplastic has an extensive range of shades, and its texture is a source of inexhaustible opportunities for any design ideas.
  • Decor
    Add sophistication to the interior using facades with milling. The texture created with the help of decorative milling will allow you to accentuate the decor and make the furniture elegant.
  • Fits
    into interiors
    Today loft style is chosen by wealthy connoisseurs of original ideas, natural materials and decors, simple lines and functionality.
    The absence of unnecessary details, restrained colors, simple lines, functionality and ergonomics - Minimalistic style has absorbed everything that is necessary for the life of a modern person in free and beautiful space.

About model
The Teramo model combines the most current trends and innovative solutions of the furniture industry. Smooth facades are combined with trendy facades with "striped" milling, resembling slat. Wood and solid colors are combined with decorations resembling polished metal. Exclusive hidden cut-in handles, which are installed in the facade, and trendy thin bracket-handles are available for the model. A special transformation system allows you to hide the working area of the kitchen and household appliances behind high facades, transforming the space in one second.
More about the material

22 mm medium density fiberboard (MDF). Coating: the front side is thermoplastic, the reverse is white laminate. Thermoplastic has a number of advantages: a wide selection of colors and textures, durability, resistance to mechanical damage and environmental friendliness. Facades are made by coating the MDF base with plastic by vacuum pressing.

The combination of smooth facades and actual ones with "striped" milling, reminiscent of slat and planken. Exclusive hidden cut-in handles installed in the facade. High facades with opening systems that allow you to transform the kitchen, hiding the workspace.

Teramo Colors

Teramo Vantages
Slatted facades
Facades with "striped" milling in natural decors, resembling slats, will be appreciated by fans of fashion trends. Such finishing is actively used in modern interiors, so Teramo model will look harmonious and stylish in such spaces. Vertical stripes on the facades will also help to visually raise the ceiling.
Trendy handles
High ultra-thin handles by the leading Italian manufacturer of accessories "Cosma" will become a stylish and functional addition to the kitchen. They are available in two colors: "champagne" and "black".
Transforming space
The Hawa mechanism by Hafele (Germany) allows you to transform the interior beyond recognition in seconds. The kitchen can be hidden by high facades, which, if necessary, open and turn the space of a traditional living room into a full kitchen-living room.