Kitchen Jazz

Kitchen Jazz

Music rythms in kitchen space

from 215 586 ₽
Price in the Basic configuration
from 28 793 ₽/month
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Basic configuration
Jazz configuration 2,4 m

The basic configuration of includes:

  • Moisture-resistant tabletop chipboard plastic;
  • Hinges with a closer;
  • Dryer;
  • Retractable Arcitech elements;
  • Plinth matching color of the countertop;
  • Frame with 1 mm ABS edging;
  • Base;
  • Handles.

*Attention! You can find out the exact cost of your kitchen when creating an individual design project at the "Maria" Kitchen Studio in your city. Furniture Factory "Maria" interacts with its customers only through a partner retail chain, so you can calculate the cost of the model and purchase our products in the suitable Kitchen Studio.

  • Facade material
    Medium density fibreboard (MDF) meets the tightest quality and safety standards. It provides many opportunities for almost any design ideas. MDF is easy to process, so it is possible to create original facades of various shapes: radius or straight, with panel molding or different milling. Such furniture is shock and moisture resistant. It perfectly carries the effects of steam and temperature changes. Among its important advantages is health safety, since the chips are glued with a natural substance formed when heated.
  • Coating
    Modern fashion trends in interior design have an impact kitchen design. Wall decoration, textiles, decorative elements set the right direction and emphasize the character of the room, but the kitchen set remains the basis, and its choice must be carefully made. In addition to interior features and architectural forms, the material is worth considering as well as the type of coating. If wooden facades, film or veneer do not fit into the overall picture of the room, pay attention to the enamel.
  • Сonditioning
    Enamel facades are made using multi-layer painting technology. The final layer is often varnish. Varnishing has a full range of protective functions: it protects against mechanical damage, prevents the formation of chips and scratches on the surface, protects the color from fading and staining with pigments from food and liquids. This coating can be glossy, matte, super matte with soft-touch and even textured.
  • Decor
    Add sophistication to the interior using facades with milling. The texture created with the help of decorative milling will allow you to accentuate the decor and make the furniture elegant.
  • Fits
    into interiors
    Hi-tech style, based on minimalism, forms a functional free space with an excellent level of ergonomics and laconic lines.
    The victory of technology has found its embodiment in Industrial style: raw surfaces, exposed engineering systems, brutal textures, minimalistic decor and restrained natural colors.
    Today loft style is chosen by wealthy connoisseurs of original ideas, natural materials and decors, simple lines and functionality.
    The absence of unnecessary details, restrained colors, simple lines, functionality and ergonomics - Minimalistic style has absorbed everything that is necessary for the life of a modern person in free and beautiful space.

About model
Jazz is a number of original design solutions combined with the most modern materials and technologies. it is a kitchen that combines the conciseness of modern style and playful musical curves, emphasized functionality and life-giving color splashes, ergonomics and freedom of expression. Radius facades allow you to give the kitchen set an original streamlined shape in different variants. There is flexibility of the configuration thanks to the extensive facade choice. The variability of the configuration and the spectacular design create a balanced model with a pronounced stylistic concept.
More about the material

19 mm MDF. Coating: high-strength, plastic, abrasion-resistant matte enamel. Additional coating: glossy or matte varnish. The inside of the facades is always matte, matching the color of the facade.

Jazz kitchen is distinguished by unique sections with convex and concave radius facades, Z-shaped facades, open sections painted with enamel in a special way, thanks to which the surface becomes textured. A special feature of the Jazz model is the use of 3D relief panels, which geometric shapes are inspired by nature and the echoes of legendary music.

Jazz Colors

The facades of this model can be painted in all RAL colors.
Jazz Vantages
Not just handles
The length of the Jazz designer handles is not fixed. It depends on the height of the section and your desire, emphasizing the geometric nature of the model.
Freedom of color
Jazz facades can be painted in any shade of your choice according to the RAL catalogue!
A round kitchen!
Jazz radius facades will help to create a kitchen of any shape, for the most complex rooms and extraordinary ideas!
New ergonomics
Z-shaped Jazz facades are a stylish and effective way to manage space. Even in a small kitchen cooking can be convenient!
Art Deco milling
A simple, elegant and very plastic ornament in the spirit of American Art Deco, carved on the facades, is the highlight of this technological kitchen.