Kitchen Antro

Kitchen Antro

Industrial vintage

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Price in the Basic configuration
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Basic configuration
Antro configuration 2,4 m

The basic configuration of includes:

  • Moisture-resistant tabletop chipboard plastic;
  • Hinges with a closer;
  • Dryer;
  • Retractable Arcitech elements;
  • Plinth matching color of the countertop;
  • Frame with 1 mm ABS edging;
  • Base;
  • Handles.

*Attention! You can find out the exact cost of your kitchen when creating an individual design project at the "Maria" Kitchen Studio in your city. Furniture Factory "Maria" interacts with its customers only through a partner retail chain, so you can calculate the cost of the model and purchase our products in the suitable Kitchen Studio.

  • Facade material
    Medium density fibreboard (MDF) meets the tightest quality and safety standards. It provides many opportunities for almost any design ideas. MDF is easy to process, so it is possible to create original facades of various shapes: radius or straight, with panel molding or different milling. Such furniture is shock and moisture resistant. It perfectly carries the effects of steam and temperature changes. Among its important advantages is health safety, since the chips are glued with a natural substance formed when heated.
  • Coating
    Veneer is a thin sheet of wood cut from a trunk of a hardwood tree. Facades covered with veneer have not only incredible aesthetic properties, but are also practical: they are resistant to humidity and temperature change and do not fade in the sun. As it is natural material, minor defects (chips or scratches) may appear over time, but they can be mended. Unique facing materials are used in this model: American walnut veneer and stone veneer made of natural slate.
    Kitchen decorated with stone always gets much attention of owners of luxury houses and apartments. The spectacular texture of this material opens up unlimited possibilities in transforming the kitchen space, and the variety of shades emphasizes the unique character of the interior. Stone is strong and wear resistant: under its protection, the furniture will last for a very long time. Decorative stone for the kitchen can be either natural, consisting of natural minerals, or artificial, made of synthetic materials with the addition of rock chips. Stone is mainly used for covering facades of kitchen cabinets, making original countertops, backsplashes, wall decoration and panels.
  • Сonditioning
    Enamel facades are made using multi-layer painting technology. The final layer is often varnish. Varnishing has a full range of protective functions: it protects against mechanical damage, prevents the formation of chips and scratches on the surface, protects the color from fading and staining with pigments from food and liquids. This coating can be glossy, matte, super matte with soft-touch and even textured.
  • Decor
    Handleless system
    Handleless system
    Not too much! Integrated kitchens without handles are a trend that is not losing popularity. You can choose exclusive integrated handles, "Gola" profile or a push-to-open system.
  • Fits
    into interiors
    The victory of technology has found its embodiment in Industrial style: raw surfaces, exposed engineering systems, brutal textures, minimalistic decor and restrained natural colors.
    Today loft style is chosen by wealthy connoisseurs of original ideas, natural materials and decors, simple lines and functionality.

About model
Exquisite brutality is the new Antro kitchen. The name of the collection, made in fashionable loft style, means "cave" in Italian. Natural materials are used to decorate the facades — natural slate or American walnut. The beauty of natural materials is perfectly combined with simple forms. Facades made of aluminum frame with rough perforation and reinforced glass are used to create a special brutal image. The frame and drawers in the anthracite color, invisible handles, exclusive accessories — all the elements of the kitchen complement each other, forming a single composition. The harmony of dark shades emphasizes industrial style, too. A variety of textures and decors allows you to implement the most daring design solutions.
More about the material
  • A whole collection of unique facades has been developed specifically for this model. The variety of their textures and decors allows you to implement seemingly impossible design ideas. Combining several types of facades in one project will definitely add exclusivity to your kitchen.
  • Stone is an 20 mm MDF with natural slate covering. This is a fundamentally new material, characterized by its interesting structure and unique pattern, environmental friendliness, durability and reliability.
  • Stone Frame is 20 mm MDF with natural slate covering. The main distinguishing feature is its profile — a handle along the perimeter in the decor of anthracite.
  • Wood Natur is 20 mm MDF covered with veneer of American walnut. During the production process, the texture and color of the wood are completely preserved. The use of the natural beauty of the wood cut is one of the main trends in furniture and interior design.
  • Vetro is a black aluminum frame with a thickness of 20.5 mm with three types of inserts to choose from: perforated, expanded metal and transparent reinforced glass. These facades create an industrial image of the model, give the kitchen a brutal character with notes of vintage.
The new collection of kitchens is based on Antro concept, presented by "Maria" at "Furniture-2016", the largest International exhibition in Russia. The unique kitchen in vintage-industrial style was awarded a special prize in the nomination "Innovations".

Antro Colors

Antro Vantages
Facades made of wood and stone
A whole collection of unique facades has been developed especially for this model. A variety of textures and decors allows you to bring amazing ideas to life: warm and soft wood sets off brutal facades covered with slate stone veneer.
Facades with aluminum frame
We created industrial-style facades in a special aluminum frame with a thickness of 20.5 mm for this model. Strict black color can be combined with three types of inserts: perforated, expanded metal and transparent reinforced glass.
Decorative shelving
A system of decorative shelving made of a black metal profile was developed for the model, so that the kitchen does not look too brutal on the outside. This idea follows the trend for open storage, too.