Kitchen Flat TSS

Kitchen Flat TSS

Bonding with Nature

from 176 346 ₽
Price in the Basic configuration
Basic configuration
Edim Doma: Flat TSS configuration, 2.4 m

The basic layout includes:
- Moisture-resistant plastic chipboard tabletop;
- Hinges with a closer;
- Two-level INOXA dish drainer;
- Samet partial extension mechanism;
- Plinth in the color of the countertop;
- Frame with 1 mm ABS edging;
- Base;
- Handles.
*Please, note! You can find out the exact cost of your kitchen when creating an individual design project at the Maria kitchen studio in your city. The company "Maria" interacts with its customers through a partner retail chain, calculations of the cost and purchase are possible in any kitchen studio of your choice.

  • Facade material
    Chipboard facades stand out with a reasonable price and have many advantages. Chipboard by Austrian companies "Egger" and "Kronospan" is made of high-quality raw materials, and 90% consist of softwood trees. The material is E1 emission class, has no unpleasant odor and is absolutely harmless to human health. The variety of colors (monochrome, wood, stone, concrete, reminiscent of rusty iron) allows you to implement the most daring designs.
  • Coating
    TSS Cleaf
    TSS Cleaf
    Craft paper is a natural material from which is used to produce eco–friendly HPL-plastic for covering kitchen facades. Composite panels are formed from layers of cellulose and resin under high pressure.
  • Fits
    into interiors
    Today loft style is chosen by wealthy connoisseurs of original ideas, natural materials and decors, simple lines and functionality.
    The absence of unnecessary details, restrained colors, simple lines, functionality and ergonomics - Minimalistic style has absorbed everything that is necessary for the life of a modern person in free and beautiful space.

About model
Combining simple shapes and trendy textured surfaces, Flat TSS brings together top furniture design trends. The materials used resemble natural ones visually and by touch, authentically imitating plaster and wood. You can always relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city at home, feeling the harmony of unity with nature.
More about the material

The facades of the Flat TSS model are made of Italian 18 mm thick TSS boards , lined with several layers of decorative paper on both sides and soaked in melamine resin under the action of a press. The manufacturing technology and edging on four sides with a 1 mm thick ABS edge allow you to create high-quality and durable products with a prominent embossed coating.

TSS slab production technology combines the traditional and long-established chipboard and HPL technologies. Glass fronts can be used to create a lighter look in the kitchen.

Flat TSS Colors

Flat TSS Vantages
Decorative sidewalls
Decorative sidewalls made of facade material will help to complete the image of a non-linear kitchen. Any design layout is available as the sidewalls create an aesthetic finished image.
Texture and relief
A special technology for the production of TSS-slabs allows you to achieve a very realistic texture of concrete. The combination of brutal technological material with natural wood decoration has still not lost its relevance.
Reliable mechanisms
The kitchen is equipped with sliding mechanisms of a reliable European brand. We work with manufacturers who have shown their best side during long-term and impeccable work. The mechanisms ensure a stable and smooth running as the manufacturer guarantees up to 200,000 opening and closing cycles
First-class materials
High-quality materials and components are used in manufacturing.